Here is Frankenstein ready for frame; this bad boy is huge!  I have decided to keep the scrap theme going with the thread used on the bottom or back.  I will use up all the left over bobbins of quilts of the past, so that will make everything about this quilt scraps J  that makes me happy!  I can’t wait to get it off the frame and add my scrappy binding and put that bad boy on my bed. 

Today is Monday which means another week of cooking dinners for my tribe.  Ash Wednesday is this week so that means it’s time for Friday fish.  My girls love this but the men of the house could really do without it so I make pasta on fish nights as well.   

French dips sanny’s with fries and ice cream

Meatless spaghetti/ shrimp alfredo with a salad and tiramisu for dessert (load on those calories)

Pork tenderloin with fried noodles/rice with veggie and brownies.

Fajita’s with angel food cake with berries and cream.

Fried fish with potato pancakes and corn fritters with cupcakes of some sort

At least one night of leftovers or MIY as I like to call it.  Make It Yourself J Mom needs night off here and there.

I know it has been almost 3 weeks since I posted but it is not because I didn’t want to, I had the flu L well, it started with the flu turned into sinus infection, ear infection, eye infection and then a bonus of strep throat.  Seriously, 13 days in bed!  I finally feel human again and ready to get things back on track! 

It is Menu Monday

Here is my general layout for evening meals this week.  It got cold again so will be lots of soup and bread.

Monday  Chicken n’ dumplings with some fresh bread and peanut butter pie for dessert
Tuesday  Chicken casserole with a salad followed by some cupcakes
Wednesday  Waffles/Pancakes with home fries and eggs no dessert on b’fast nights
Thursday  Marinated sirloin and baked spuds with salad and chocolate pie
Friday  It is my night off and we will eat out J
 Saturday  Brown sugar salmon/Burgers for non-fish eaters with rice and veggie.  I am thinking chocolate cake for dessert tonight.

I did manage to get a quilt done while I was sick.  I had an order for a custom Houston Texans quilt.  I am super excited with how it turned out.   
I have some other pretties waiting their turn on the frame so I better head to the longarm room instead hanging out on my blog.  

Quilt On Friends 
My fabric scraps are taking over.  Seriously, I have fabric in every nook and cranny of this house and I need to thin it out.  Yes, this is probably New Year, organized me talking but I am hoping to keep it going which would turn in to a “you’re on a roll”.  My scrap drawers are like an over filled suitcase that you have to sit on to close. 

This weekend I was cruising Pinterest and saw the Jellyroll Race quilt and BAM it hit me I could make a King size strip quilt from my scraps. I got up and scooted to my fabric room to check my scrap drawers.  Yep, I have plenty and so much so that you can’t really tell I took about ½ yard from each color drawer. 

The first fold is the worst but once you get that one done the rest go pretty quickly.  This is what I have done so far.  

I have 2 more 32x89 panels to make then will put them together and add a few borders. 

Not forgetting about Menu Monday

1. Spaghetti and Fettuccine Alfredo

2. White bean soup and sausage

3. French Dips/Philly sannies with fries

4. burritos/quesadillas

5. Grilled Chicken fried potatoes and a veggie

Desserts will be brownies, peanut butter pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin cupcakes and ice cream  


I like to have a basic idea of what my family is going to eat during the week. This works for me because if I don’t have a plan for meals we usually eat out.  That gets expensive really fast for my family of 6 adults. I am also a list girl.  I like to see what needs to be done and more importantly I like to cross stuff off with pretty colored markers J  I use to make my menu’s according to days of the week but this got complicated for my OCD brain when I didn’t want to make spaghetti on Wednesday; now I number them J  I also like dessert so most dinners have one but I don’t plan for breakfasts or lunches.  My kids are older teenagers and young adults, I just have to keep enough staples on the shelves to feed them at grazing times.

The weather has turned a wee bit chilly here in Texas which is perfect time to make some soup and bread.  I will also toss in some comfort foods that are perfect for chilly nights.

1.    Sausage and tortellini soup with toast with misc. cookies and ice cream

2.    Fried chicken, mashed spuds, veggie with cream puffs for dessert

3.    Split pea and ham soup with grilled cheese sannys with caramel cupcakes to completely over stuff yourself

4.    Breakfast dinner, French toast, sausage and eggs.  No dessert on breakfast nights

5.    Chicken casserole using up leftovers from the fried chicken and salad with chocolate mousse cups for dessert to make it special

6.    Meatloaf night, ick, but everyone else eats it and hubby cooks it can’t argue with that. Hubby has requested baked spuds and salad to go with this feast. I will make a chocolate pie to round out the night.

7.    MIY night!  Clean out the leftovers or  Make It Yourself